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Stock Code:002194
Cubsidiary Company


Company Profile

     Wuhan Fingu Automation Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhan Fingu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002194), founded in 2013, with registered capital of RMB 20 million, inherits and promotes corporate culture of Fingu, and persists in management philosophy of “Faithful, Professional, Efficient, Innovative”.The company has an excellent technical team composed of lots of skillful and innovative experts and technicians, which can provide professional, sophisticated automatic equipments and technical support service related to smart automatic production line for customers.

The company has got 15 patents, including 3 inventions, 1 provincial model for trial of smart manufacture, and has completed research & development, manufacture and successful application of 12 medium-large-sized smart automatic production lines of 3 varieties, more than 300 automatic smart special machines and industrial robots of more than 40 varieties.

Undertake non-standard automatic customized project

      Multi-axis motion platform technology

       Based on three-axis motion platform and robot motion platform, combining with technology, such as developed soldering, glue dispensing, screwing, testing, automatic assembly for small-sized materials, deburring, automatic charging & discharging, the company can develop appropriate automatic special equipment for customers according to their practical demand, including automatic soldering machine, automatic glue dispensing machine, automatic screw locking machine, automatic testing machine, automatic assembly machine, automatic marking machine, automatic deburring machine, etc.

      Machine tool alteration

Considering that some function or efficiency of existing obsolete machine tool can’t meet current production demand, combining with current advanced automatic technology, such as automatic charging & blanking, automatic testing, automatic marking, the company can upgrade and alter existing machine tool according to actual demand of customers, and can develop appropriate special automatic equipment or product, including automatic charging & discharging machine for lathe, marking machine for CNC machining center, automatic charging machine for multi-spindle tool, material receiver for lathe, height measurement feedback device for CNC machining center, etc.

Visual inspection & measurement technology

     Combining current mainstream visual technology with independently developed automatic special mechanism, based on practical inspection and measurement requirements of customers, the company can use visual inspection & measurement technology to achieve accurate measurement on geometric dimension, position, height or shape of an object, providing complete inspection data and abundant exporting mode. Nowadays the company has developed position & height measurer, visual inspection equipment, etc. and applied this technology successfully to special machine, such as automatic assembly machine, automatic soldering machine.

       Smart automatic production logistics line

       Based on independently developed automatic machine, small-sized machining equipment, robot, etc., the company, by virtue of current advanced logistics conveying system, can develop smart automatic production logistics line used in complicated processes such as charging & discharging, screw locking, glue dispensing, soldering, inspection & measurement, assembly, press fitting, packaging, according to practical production demand of customers, and can arrange the processes freely to meet production demand. Presently the company has developed automatic assembly line for PCB, automatic production logistics line for sheet metal stamping, etc.

Undertake non-standard machining

     Machining plant of our company covers an area of 1,500 square meters around and has 50-odd sets of machining equipments, including computer numerical control (CNC) lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC compound machine with lathing and milling integrated, CNC machining center, universal cylindrical grinding machine, surface grinding machine with horizontal spindle and rectangular table, high-speed wire electrical discharge machining (HS-WEDM) tool, medium-speed WEDM tool, low-speed WEDM tool, CNC electrical discharge machining (EDM) tool, three-coordinate measuring machine, etc.
    The company is mainly engaged in machining, manufacture and assembly of non-standard mechanical parts with high precision and difficulty, and can create first-class parts with advanced equipment, mature technology, scientific management and excellent technique, meet all-around service demand of customers with reasonable price and rapid delivery.

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