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    about fingu

    Company Address:  Fingu Electronic Industrial Park, No. 5, Jiufeng Street, Canglongdao Science Part, Guanggu Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan   
    Traffic: take various bus lines of Wuhan to Grand Ocean Department Store at Luxiang Plaza, then take Bus 718 or 758 to Liuzhangwan of Guanggu Avenue, then turn right at the crossing in front of you, and then walk along Jiufeng Street for 100m to get to the destination (diagonally opposite to Yijia Garden Hotel)
    Zip code:  430200
    Tel:  +86 027 81383981 (investment)
    +86 027 59729857 (sales)
    +86 027 81383968 (recruitment)
    Fax:  +86 027 81383847

    Email:  >###(Investment)

    >###(Marketing & Sales)

    Recruitment:  >###(HR)

    U.S office:
    Mr. Bruce Lee
    Email:us.office @boligere.com

    Sweden office:
    Mr. Martin Storholm
    Email: sweden.>###
    Address:Isafjordsgatan 39B 16440 Kista Sweden

    Finland office:
    Mr. JukkaLaitinen
    Email: finland.>###
    Address:PO Box 7, 90101 Oulu, Finland

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